Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Winterset in Summer

2013_NL_F22_027_028bHaving over-nighted in Deer Lake, we left to return to St. John's early the next morning. I called Mom to let her know we were on our way, only to find out that she was in Eastport at the Winterset in Summer writer's festival. She and Ron tried to convince us to come down for a visit, as there were going to be some great writers attending. We declined, as by this time we were a bit road-weary. Plus, all accommodation in the area is typically sold out months in advance and we didn't relish the idea of sleeping in the truck. A couple of hours later we were passing through Gander where Gil Swain, an old friend from my high school days, lives. I gave him a call thinking a coffee stop at his place would be great, but he was also in Eastport for the festival. He, too, suggested we come for a visit. He had a extra space for us to stay, so we made a snap decision to pop down for a visit.

We headed straight to the opening event, and no sooner had we sat down (ashamedly arriving a bit late), when the person behind us tapped us on the shoulder - it was Anne Enright, a classmate of ours from Pearson College. She was one of the speakers at the festival!

Sadly, I have no photos from this part of our trip, but as we were leaving, we made a short side trip to Salvage. Salvage was home to another old friend of mine, Alice Heffern, and I remembered it as more rural than Eastport (where I once lived) and a lot more like Musgrave Harbour (where I also once lived). I thought I might get more fisheries-oriented photos and I was not disappointed. Click on any photo and you will be magically transported to Flickr, where I keep a high-resolution version of the image.

First there was a small boat sticking its nose out between two stages.


Walking around to take a closer look at the boat, I noticed that the stages were packed to the gills with lobster gear.


Sure enough, there were plenty of lobster pots stacked along the wharf, ready to go.


Besides lobster pots, there were plenty of boats in the water, also ready to go.


I noticed that there was a floating wharf, something uncommon in Newfoundland. I do not ever recall seeing them growing up, nor do I recall seeing one before this one in Salvage.


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