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2013_Spain_F5_556Tamariu is a small coastal town about 90 minutes from Barcelona along the E-15, and is where Fredrik and Nuria Gørrissen have a vacation flat. For the occasion of Fredrik's parents' 50th wedding anniversary, Johan, Ingeborg, Fredrik, Nina, Sissel, and I flew down to Tamariu for some good food and relaxing in the sun.

I didn't take very many photos on this trip, so I have a limited selection to go along with this story. For example, I only have one photo of Fredrik and Nuria’s house, but it is enough to show its typically Spanish lines and airs.


Why did they choose Tamariu as a location for a vacation home? After all, it is a 4 hour flight from Oslo. While 4 hours may not sound like much, it is one thing to pack up a family of 6 into a minivan and drive to the family cabin (read this blog post about Brumma) and another thing to get 6 tickets to fly to a vacation home.

First, Nuria's father's family is from Catalonia, so it is not really a random location they just picked out on a map. They had also already spent several summers in the area. That, coupled with the fact that this area is so far further south than Oslo that it has 3 more hours of sunlight and is 5 to 20 degrees warmer*. To go with that sun and warmth is a lovely a small cove with a sandy beach and a short walkway around it.



It is also popular for sail and powerboats.



Take a nice sandy beach, warm water, and sunny blue skies and you have a recipe for a very nice, relaxing vacation.


While we were there the weather was quite nice, but there were some rough-looking clouds (thankfully) off-shore to look at.


During the day, the beach attracts all sorts of people (and dogs).



The region around Tamariu offers other attractions, including more beaches...


The occasional traveling fair...


And incredibly low prices on just about everything.



Tamariu is in the heart of Catalonia, and its separatist colours are on display everywhere.



Early one morning, Fredrik, Nina, and I went for a 10 km run up to the El Far Hotel and Restaurant, an 18th century complex near Llafranch. The sun was just coming up as we headed out for our run. As usual, I had my iPhone with me, so I was able to take some photos as I ran.


The run was up the coastal hill that borders the harbour. It was a quite pleasant run, with the sun poking through the pines.


Of course stopping to take a photo when you are running alone is one thing, but doing so while running with others is a quick way to get left behind!


Approaching the top, I could see the buildings, which looked a lot like a Spanish medieval castle.


When we reached it, the colours had turned a nice pastel hue.


The buildings are on a high point on the coast, so it makes for a nice place for a little lighthouse.


From the restaurant balcony, we could see the Llafranch harbour.


Later that night I wandered around with my camera and managed to take a nice shot of the beach with the moon behind the clouds.


I also added to my collection of Nighthawks-like images.


We only spent a couple of days in Tamariu. Sissel and I headed back to Oslo early, with a stop in Barcelona along the way. More about that in the next blog post.

* average numbers as reported for December 21

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